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Full Media Lab is an independent structure based in Switzerland. It has been active in the world of design, audiovisual and photography for over 10 years. Our founding principles are simplicity, innovation and professional expertise, offering services for the conception of authentic and original designs.

At the heart of our philosophy is a focus on listening to our customers. By assimilating their ideas, capturing the essence of their visions, we are able to materialize designs that embody their aspirations, often even surpassing their initial expectations.

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Full Media Lab offers a range of specialized services to meet your requirements in the fields of Graphic Design, Audiovisual, Photography and Web Development.

Graphic Design

We offer a complete and meticulous service for the creation of all your visual projects (logos, flyers, posters, business cards, etc.).


We use our expertise to produce high-quality audiovisual content that enhances the value of your organization.


We offer a high-quality image capture service for various uses (print, social networks, digital versions).

Web development

We offer a complete and meticulous service for the development of your website, ensuring an optimal presence on the Internet.

When you choose Full Media Lab, you benefit from comprehensive, dedicated expertise for your projects, whatever they may be.

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